SK8950 Recumbent bike H895


The SK range of recumbent bikes is designed those who seek extra comfort. It provides ergonomic posture at all levels. A design combining comfort, elegance, simplicity of operation, rugged construction and luxury finishes.

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The recumbent bikes of SK Line have been designed for those users who look for extra comfort. A design that combines comfort, elegance, simplicity, sturdiness and a premium finish.

Great accessibility for all users. The wide walk through between seat and pedals provides the users with freedom of movement and makes easier to sit down and exercise at the machine.

The new SK8950 offers an ergonomic posture for both beginner and advanced users.

Electromagnetic brake system with generator. Maximum reliability and precision. No need for electric mains, unless you want the monitor to be constantly switched on while not pedalling

New crank set design The new crank design of the SK Line bikes includes a reinforced steel cased structure with a flat, wider an aerodynamic design. This ensures more stability and security during the exercise.

10” oversized monitorThe new Wsk are touch sensitive and include LED and Dot Matrix interface. Thanks to the Touch Sensitive controls, push type buttons are no longer necessary because the flat control keys are touch sensitive.

Touch sensitive monitor. It is easier to clean and more intuitive for a quick start by the user.

Seat: Ergonomic seat with constant back support. Upholstery: Non-slip rubber. Very hygienic and easy to clean

Casing:Hard-wearing ABS plastic and easy to clean.

Connection for mp3 and built-in speakers, which let the user listen to their own music while exercising.

Double set of focus bars and fixed handles allowing the user to work their arms or receive information about their heart rate.

Frame: Aluminium and sturdy oval section steel tube ST52

HR monitoring: Contact and integrated Polar wireless receiver (Polar Chest transmitter optional).

Handlebar: Ergonomically designed

Monitor: The top screen displays the various pre-set exercise profiles and current exertion levels. The bottom alphanumeric screen is used to guide the user when selecting the exercise as well as to display information about the exercise both during the exercise. The 4LED window at the very bottom simultaneously shows information for Speed/RPM, Time/Distance, Calories/Watts and Pulse rate.

Heavy duty bearings.

Transmission System: PK belt drive assures performance that is smooth, quiet, and low maintenance. No Chain means you and the bike stay cleaner with no oiling

Rear seat fairing. Protection and stylish finish in a single component

Sliding motion and seat inclination controlled by reliable, precision mechanisms

Genesia III system, latest generation in self-powered technology

Ultra reinforced chassis and oversized frame. Provides maximum strength and reliability during exercise.

Integrated powerful fan: Provides a cooling sensation while exercising

Programs Manual, 8 preset profiles with 4 intensity levels each, User Program, Fitness Test for Men and Women, HRC and Distance Program.


Height: 147 cm / 58”

Width: 61 cm / 24”

Length: 154 cm / 61”

Maximum user weight: 190Kg / 419 lbs.

Weight: 87Kg / 192 lbs.

Screen type: LED Dotmatrix

Touchscreen: Touch sensitive buttons

Programs: 40 Profiles, Manual, User, HRC, Watt, Fitness Test


On-screen information: Speed, rpm, time, distance, calories, watts, pulse, level, profile

Structure: Aluminum, steel and ABS plastic

Languages: Esp,Eng,Fr,Pt,De,Nl,It

Transmission: Poly-V belt

Horiz. Adjust. Seat: YES

Wheels: YES

Bottle holder: YES

Resistance/difficulty levels: 1 – 20

Resistance, start/stop buttons at handlebars: YES

Walk-through space between seat and pedals: YES

Heart rate monitoring: Touch sensors and telemetric

Fan: YES

Selfpowered: YES


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