Duke Mag H923


The DUKE MAG indoor bike meets the needs of the most demanding user.

The attention to detail, meticulous design and innovative magnetic brake system will totally revolutionise indoor cycling classes at your gym and awaken the interest of new users. BH has developed a magnetic brake system which will change and revolutionise cycling sensations so that users can enjoy their classes to the utmost as a sensuous experience.

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Magnetic brake system with selector lever of 16 different levels and emergency brake.

Transmission System: PK belt drive assures performance that is smooth, quiet, and low maintenance. No Chain means you and the bike stay cleaner with no oiling

Designed for optimum exercise biomechanics.
To guarantee smooth, natural movements for full muscle concentration.

Designed for an easy cleaning, storage and transportation.

Ergonomically designed triathlon type handlebar, adjustable both horizontally and vertically up to 17 leveles vertically and 19 levels horizontally. With special covering and multi-position handles.

Micro-adjustable seat: up to 17 levels vertically and 19 levels horizontally.

Multi-purpose pedals: Pedals feature both standard baskets and cycling shoe clips

Flywheel protecting cover, for protection against sweat and corrosion.

Crank set: Steel cased three piece crank set designed for extra durability

Bottle holder: Very useful for long training sessions

Emergency quick brake, for a safer exercise.

Adjustable feet with adjustable stabilizers.

Helpful wheels for transportation


Height: 117 cm / 46”

Width: 63 cm / 25”

Length: 104 cm / 41”

Weight of machine: 42Kg / 93 lbs.

Maximum user weight: 150Kg / 331 lbs.

Area ocuppied: 0,66 m2

Resistance: Magnetic

Selector: Selector lever of 16 levels

Flywheel type: Aluminium

Flywheel: Front flywheel

Display unit: Nein

Flywheel cover: Yes

Structure: Steel

Transmission: Poli-V belt

Pedals: Dual SPD-trekking

Horiz. Adjust. Seat: Yes

Vertical seat adjustment: Yes

Horiz. Adjust. Handlebar: Yes

Vert. Adjust. Handlebar: Yes

Wheels: Si

Bottle holder: Yes