AFT360 All Functional Trainer

360º Free hold
For a more natural exercise, adapted to the anatomical movement of the arms of each particular user, whilst maintaining control. Controlled mobility.

Structure of 4 mm thick ST-37/40 steel frame and pulley support plates of 8 mm thick steel frame. Offers guaranteed durability.

It allows that 18 people can train simultaneously.

Magnetic weight plate selectors. The magnets ensure that there is no possibility of the selector coming out during training.

Designed for optimum exercise biomechanics.
To guarantee smooth, natural movements for full muscle concentration.

10 grips and 6 hooks at the V-station for attaching elastics, rubber bands, plyometric platform… etc and an additional bar for the combat rope.

3 pivot heads (1 at the V-Station and 2 at the cable station) for multidirectional workouts with bars and weights. The heads have shafts which rotate 360º and allow the users to move the bar in multiple directions.

2 independent multiposition pulley arms, which can be adjusted vertically in 9 different positions and horizontally in 7 different positions.

Connecting ladder between V-Station and Cable Station for suspension training exercises. Includes sidebars for TRX and Queenax type of accessories.

Grips on ladder and V-station which allow the users to make chin-ups.

4 trays, 3 bars and hooks for accessory storage at the V-Station


Height: 275 cm / 108”

Width: 356 cm / 140”

Length: 490 cm / 193”


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